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Kathleen A A.

Kathleen’s commitment to a mindfulness lifestyle emerged from her career as an entrepreneur in the world of art, fashion, and design. Kathleen emerges as a mindfulness coach not only from a world of artistic and creative instinct, but an even deeper human understanding and compassionate depth as the mother of a visually disabled child. Most recently Kathleen founded Metta, Inc., a non-profit organization benefiting blind and visually impaired children and adults, the purpose of which is to provide scholarship funding exclusively for mindfulness course work.
Kathleen earned her mindfulness certification through coursework at the Dallas Yoga Center and has also completed its self-compassion program. Having also spent 14 years affiliated with Landmark, Kathleen’s commitment to mindfulness instruction is a natural extension of her dedication to the spiritual wellness of others. Kathleen is indeed perceived by many as a guiding light in a stressful world. She renders a calmness and peacefulness to her endeavors, her personal relationships, and now to her mindfulness students.

Kathleen’s mindfulness mission is to empathically guide others into a state of peaceful self-acceptance and conscious self-awareness. Her own journey through life has been one of enlightenment and vision and, as such, she emphasizes emotional safety and self-honoring as she guides her students in forming resilience of self, and confidence in mindfulness practice. She focuses on stress reduction so to avoid the often compromises we face in spiritual health, of self and family. Primarily, Kathleen is committed to teaching the art of self-love, to enrich and heighten self-esteem, and to remove us from the burdening sorrows of life. Her goal is to guide people through mindfulness practice to eliminate and calm stress, fear, and anxiety, and to transform those energies into positive wellbeing.

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