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DYC Mission

For over three decades, Dallas Yoga Center (DYC) has passionately pursued its mission to educate, enrich, and inspire the community towards leading mindful, meaningful, and healthier lives. Receiving Best of Dallas over 10 times, DYC stands out for its unparalleled quality of classes and teachers. Located in the DFW area, DYC's deep commitment to the community and its connection to internationally renowned yogis adds to its mission to be the region's premier yoga and holistic wellness destination.

David Sunshine

Owner - Dallas Yoga Center

From a young age, David was drawn to the infinite expanse of consciousness and the dance of somatic embodiment. His decades-long journey with yoga, meditation and eastern spirituality saw him sit at the feet of renowned teachers, from the revered Dalai Lama to the luminary yoga masters B.K.S. Iyengar and T.K.V. Desikachar. Embodying the space between ancient wisdom and the pulse of the present, David has since 1998 been the lifeblood of the Dallas Yoga Center, shaping it into a sanctuary of learning and transformation.

David experiences yoga as a divine communion of body, mind, and spirit, an odyssey towards true awakening. With a heart open to the mysteries of meditation, energy healing, and shamanic realms, he seeks the essence of the human soul and the dance of reality. He's a conduit of ancient wisdom in the West. When teaching yoga, he uses movement as medicine. He also loves to lead souls on transformative pilgrimages to lands that whisper tales of the ancient, like the sacred soils of India and Nepal.

Daniel Sunshine

Co-Owner - Dallas Yoga Center

In 2016, Daniel Sunshine teamed up with his brother David at the Dallas Yoga Center (DYC), spearheading mindfulness, community engagement, and membership drives. Now, as a co-owner, Daniel plays an integral role in overseeing various business facets while continuing to offer teachings on mindfulness and sound healing. With the collaboration of DYC instructors Sarah Sampsone and Dr. Kay Colbert, LCSW, he initiated the creation of the Mindfulness Certification Training. This pioneering program has empowered thousands to incorporate mindfulness across diverse settings—be it schools, jails, hospitals, corporations, or soup kitchens.

Beyond his administrative and teaching roles at DYC, Daniel is a meditation, empowerment, and mindset coach, adept in trauma resolution, chakra healing, Reiki, and other holistic modalities like earth-based spiritual healing and soul retrieval. Those attending his classes at DYC are treated to a transformative journey, guiding them to internal depths and fostering a life marked by enhanced tranquility, resilience, and joy.

Mind . Body . Spirit

Dallas Yoga Center offers holistic, embodied, mindful, and nourishing yoga, mindfulness, and wellness classes for all levels. Whether you want to stretch, relax, or learn more about yoga, DYC has something for you.