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Daniel S.

Daniel Sunshine is as a meditation instructor at the Dallas Yoga Center. His instruction method synthesizes mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and Positive Psychology. He has influenced various sectors, including education, healthcare, consulting, big-tech, and travel, underpinned by his extensive science-based mindfulness training obtained from Brown University and his over twenty years of practice and teaching in numerous meditation traditions, including Shambala, Vipassana, and Zen.

In addition to his teaching, Daniel is a co-owner of the Dallas Yoga Center and led the creation of the Mindfulness Certification Training (MCT) (mindfulnesscertification.com) with DYC teachers, Sarah Sampson and Dr. Kay Colbert, LCSW. This program has taught thousands to integrate mindfulness into their lives and professions including schools, jails, hospitals, corporations and soup kitchens.

Daniel also is a meditation, empowerment and mindset coach and is trained in trauma resolution, chakra healing, Reiki, earth-based spiritual healing and soul retrieval. Come see Daniel in his DYC classes where he creates a unique experience for going inward in order to embrace life with increased calm, resilience and happiness.

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