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Dallas Yoga Center Mission

Yoga and Wellness since 1989

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The Dallas Yoga Center is a holistic education resource center dedicated to nourishing mind, body and spirit.

We inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to live more mindful, healthier lives in today’s world by honoring and celebrating the ancient transformative power of yoga and the healing arts.

Through the wide breadth and depth of yoga classes, cutting edge somatic modalities and a multifaceted holistic wellness center with a large variety of integrative wellness services, we serve and educate our community and provide the tools for healing, growth, and self exploration.

The Dallas Yoga Center has long been a serene aesthetic oasis for people to find inner peace amongst the busyness of modern life.

"I discovered the Dallas Yoga Center many years ago like most people do. I went to take a weekend course with a visiting teacher and disciple of Vanda Scaravelli, author of “Awakening the Spine.” That was twenty five years ago, and the center continues to delight me with its tradition of daily yoga classes taught by big-hearted, well-trained yogis and hosting special instructors.

Next time DYC offers a Day of Wellness when you can sample their classes and wellness services, I’d recommend you sign up. I did last year and found offerings I hadn’t tried or even knew they provided, e.g. Ayurvedic medicine with treatments in acupuncture, food as medicine, and dosha consultations which have helped me in having the best health possible. 

The place is an oasis – a space of sounds and colors which are so nurturing and calming and full of books on Eastern topics and cool clothes." ~ Meg Fitzpatrick