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Journey To Nepal And Bhutan - Nov 07, 2024 at Flow Yoga Dallas Yoga Center
Saturday 11:15-12:30PM

Oct 26, 2024

at Dallas Yoga Center

Nov 7th, 11:15-12:30PM

Journey To Nepal And Bhutan

This journey of a lifetime offers a transformative experience, which enables the traveler to explore ancient Nepal and Bhutan to ‘see’ the wisdom inherent inside of themselves by connecting with the sacred symbolism that permeates sacred power places. By visiting historical temples, caves, and monasteries, you will have the opportunity to conect with the site’s energy, which in turn will help unravel your own inherent wisdom nature. Stepping outside of the confines of the intellectual mind, you can explore your inner world and find deep personal growth.

For centuries, the Kathmandu Valley, originally designed as a mandala, has attracted spiritual seekers and adventurers. Both Hinduism and Buddhism and a plethora of Tantric power places still continue to draw scholars, practitioners, and curious explorers alike.

After Nepal, visit Bhutan the land of the Thunder Dragon referred to as the happy nation in the Himalayas. Take a transformational trip of a lifetime to the Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge known for its beautiful monasteries, fortresses (or dzongs) and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and pristine valleys. Explore the vibrant rich culture, the vast lands and visit sacred sites including Paro Taktsang monastery (Tiger’s Nest) which clings to cliffs above the forested Paro Valley. This remote and spiritual land nestled between Nepal, Bangladesh, and Burma has been protected from mass tourism, and from the outside world, for centuries.

Journey To Nepal And Bhutan

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Journey To Nepal And Bhutan
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