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Nov 23rd, 7:30-9:30PM

CONNECT :: Contact Improv

Contact Improv is an improvisational dance form. Created in 1972, it is a dance of motion and momentum where we explore how our body relates to another with the addition of these elements. We focus on the point of contact and learn to listen and move with the emerging dance that comes when we connect with another.
Whether a simple dance of hands, or rolling on the floor to flying in the air, Contact Improv provides a frame to move into connection in a new way, curiously allowing a “score” or dance scene to emerge. We move through different exercises including some solo practice as well as partner dances to find the foundations that create the space for spontaneity. After the workshop we have a little time for an open jam where we practice the exercises from class, learning how to initiate and end a dance. This is a great opportunity to explore how we connect in a space where words are not the primary language. It is also wonderful if your looking to try partner dancing or to expand your own relationship to dance!

Meet your host

Mika Earthspirit has been leading Authentic Relating for the last 8 years. She is an avid community builder with a deep love for human connection in all its forms. Focused on the conscious awakening, she is dedicated to bringing forward new thoughts, new forms of connection and play, and helping people heal through compassion and permission.
Also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Mika loves working with the body and its expressions through movement, dance and yoga. Walking this path of awakening, Mika is committed to continue weaving together all the tools for transformation and healing so we may all thrive.
In her free time, you might find her sitting in a hot spring somewhere beautiful, playing with her two adorable cats or simply walking around White Rock Lake.

CONNECT :: Contact Improv

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CONNECT :: Contact Improv
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