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For over 30 years, Dallas Yoga Center has trained great yoga teachers and recently won Best of Dallas 5 years in a row. And now, whether you are newly certified teacher or a longtime teacher, you can study under DYC senior teachers in a mentor program that provides continuing education and support for building skills in your teaching practice. And, you will also get to teach on the DYC schedule!

Benefit from the guidance of senior DYC yoga teachers as you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come along with teaching. Mentors provide one-on-one support to help you reach your individual teaching goals. This mentorship program is for 200 Hour and 300 Hour YTT graduates who want to polish their skills, gain more confidence, grow as a yoga teacher, and be a part of an awesome yoga teaching community.

This program is for you if you are interested in any of the following:

DYC expert staff mentors will guide you to develop and improve the quality of your teaching, your classes, your style, and your leadership capacity in a nurturing one-on-one coaching format.

Working directly with a DYC instructor brings you into an amazing teaching community and provides accountability to improve your practice in alignment with your goals. Work in partnership to discover how you can generate more meaning, inspiration and satisfaction in your teaching. DYC instructors combine decades of facilitation and coaching with tremendous heartfelt care to help propel you in your teaching and grow as a person.

How This Course Works:


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Payment plans are available. Please inquire at the email address below.

Mentorship includes:

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DYC Mentoring Program Staff

Caroline Besley

Caroline has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2012. Her background in dance and various other movement modalities has greatly informed her own yoga practice and she likes to bring that perspective to others, inviting joy and freedom of movement into the body. Caroline teaches a healthy alignment for overall ease and flow of energy. Her joyful presence infuses her students with a playfulness and her attention to individual needs celebrates the uniqueness of each student. Caroline continues to study regularly with Doug Keller and Christina Sell, who have inspired her throughout her yoga journey.

Cheryl King

Cheryl King began practicing yoga and meditation while studying World Religions in college. Upon graduation she traveled to Thailand seeking cultural immersion in the epicenter of Theravada Buddhism. Self-exploration took a backseat to career and family over the next two decades, but a health crisis brought her to a state of utter depletion by age 43. One Friday night in 2007, desperate for help, she tried Chris Green’s Restorative yoga class at DYC seeking relief, and she found it. The Dallas Yoga Center provided the solace and support, the hope and strength to sustain her through this next phase of her life’s journey.

In time, yoga and meditation infused all aspects of her life, and eventually led to a career change—after twenty years of teaching British Literature, she retired from academia and currently teaches yoga and meditation full time.

Cheryl brings an interdisciplinary approach to her students, combining mindfulness and movement to restore body / mind unity, invite self-discovery, and deepen self-compassion.

Drawing inspiration from mentors as diverse as Julliard dance instructor Irene Dowd and MBSR pioneer Jon Kabat Zinn, Cheryl’s approach includes utilizing breath, imagination, and curiosity to encourage a moment-to-moment experience of connection to self and others. Through anatomical alignment and mindful movement, her yoga and meditation practice promotes a radiantly healthy body-mind-spirit.

* MBSR training, UMASS, Boston, MA, 2017
* Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training, Integral Yoga Institute, San Francisco, CA, 2016/2017
* RYT 200, Dallas Yoga Center, Dallas, TX, 2015/16
* BA, MA Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, 1990/2000

Laura Beth Lopez

Laura Beth began toying with yoga about 10 years ago, and actually remembers leaving and thinking “what is this magic?!” Fast forward several years, and like many, through a broken heart, broken life, yoga became her mainstay and quickly turned from a sweaty workout into a daily practice of the mind, body and soul.

She has now been teaching yoga since 2015, and can’t believe that she is truly living the dream. She has her ERYT200 and RYT500 certifications, as well as a 200 hr Meditation Teacher Certification. Her education background stems from a Bachelor’s in Education and Spanish language, and a Master’s degree in Counseling. She is amazing at how all of these things have slowly wound together to create this life, and she am eternally grateful. She offers private, public, corporate and bilingual yoga classes.

She has an amazing little girl, who is already turning into the sweetest little yogini. She works her best every day to take things one breath at a time, finding comfort in the discomfort, and treating herself and others with love, kindness, compassion and respect.

David Sunshine

Since childhood David has had a yearning for expansion of consciousness, a passion for somatic embodiment and a willingness to dive deep inside himself. David has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 25 years, and through his love of ancient wisdom teachings he has travelled the globe to study personally with a vast array of master teachers, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, T.K.V. Desikachar, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and B.K.S. Iyengar.

A deep soul calling has led him to become a bridge between the ancient and modern, as he has built a vibrant yoga and wellness community in his role as the director of the Dallas Yoga Center since 2001 and trained thousands of yoga students and teachers.

He loves exploring yoga as a sacred practice that integrates the body, mind and spirit and as a path towards liberation, awakening and embodiment. In search of wholeness and personal healing and growth David has explored many meditative traditions, energy healing, shamanic journeying and mystical practices.

His calling is to understand the nature of the human mind, how reality works and the mystery of the soul. He loves to dance and use movement as a medicine for healing and enter the spiritual dimension of reality. In his passion to spark the joy and curiosity found in the search for meaning, he has sought how to bring ancient knowledge to the west in the spirit of service to make life better for humans.

He also loves to guide groups to sacred sites, and translate the magnitude of their energetic power. He has led numerous transformational adventures for groups in places such as India, Nepal, Peru, and beyond.

Morgan McBee

Engineer turned yogi, Morgan began his yoga journey in 2019 as a means to decompress from corporate fatigue. The benefits were so impactful that Morgan dove in full force with a 6-month stay in India to discover everything the practice has to offer. Morgan completed 200 and 300-hour multi-style certifications in Rishikesh with focuses on Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. Afterwards he moved to Goa to certify in 300-hour Yin style and intern as a teacher for Vinyasa flow. Returning stateside, the holistic teachings of yoga continued to help with an ongoing journey. After being unable to practice asana due to vertigo, a corrective surgery opened the doors to physical practice again. One aspect of recovery was re-training the brain how to walk, balance and propriocept – of which the moving meditation of an asana practice played a crucial role.

Through these experiences, Morgan has grown to learn first-hand the healing power a yoga practice has to offer mentally, physically and spiritually. As a teacher it is his goal to impart to students how a comprehensive practice can live well beyond the mat and become integral in every waking moment of life.

Laura Coan

Laura Abbott Coan is a certified Yoga Therapist who loves the healing art of yoga to support REAL life. Laura received her training from Gary Kraftsow, American Viniyoga. She worked in a collaborative counseling practice for 7 years where she gained experience in collaborating with licensed professional counselors using yoga and talk therapy to support mental health, as well as creating curriculum for psychotherapeutic yoga trainings. She believes this combination is a powerful way to create transformation. REAL life can be hard and Yoga can help build resiliency, nourish and support you no matter where you are.

She is passionate about teaching yoga as a lifestyle not an exercise regime. Her mentorship program helps students of yoga connect more deeply to the foundation, philosophy, and practices that make things happen! There is definitely a little magic that happens personally and as a teacher when you study with her!

Creating sacred space during retreats is one of Laura’s gifts. She has found retreats to be an integral part of her own journey that clears her head and connects her to her own true nature where wisdom, love and joy reside. There’s just something so special about being surrounded by community and using that pulsation to dig deep and arrive on the other side!

She believes in justice for all and dedicates time and action to understanding systemic racism within herself and in her community. She holds a white accountability group to keep herself and others learning and unlearning. She uses the tools of yoga to soothe the discomfort that inevitably arises and needs to be addressed to truly heal and move forward together.

Sarah Sampson

Sarah Sampson is a yoga and mindfulness teacher, mindful movement instructor, ceremonial leader, social-emotional learning (SEL) educator, and devoted student of life.

She is committed to creating spaces for humans of all kinds to experience transformation through whole-body expression. Her belief is that the body exists as a gateway to the discovery of authenticity, belonging, and interconnectivity.

In her teaching, she intends to guide movers through somatic journeys that expand emotional intelligence, deepen connection to the heart, and ultimately bring the mind-body home to wholeness. Sarah is currently a student of the 360-Emergence, a conscious dance practice focused at the intersection of personal and collective healing.

Sarah is an E-RYT 200 yoga teacher and is certified in social-emotional learning, reiki, shamanic soul retrieval, and MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) through the UC San Diego Medical School. Sarah has been co-facilitating the MCT since 2019. In her role leading social-emotional learning (SEL) for Keller ISD, Sarah supports the implementation of mindfulness and emotional-intelligence initiatives in schools that serve over 34,000 students. She began her education journey teaching theme-based yoga adventures in private schools across DFW, as well as training educators and parents how to bring the self-regulation tools of yoga and mindfulness into their homes and classrooms.

Sandi Tindal

Sandi Tindal comes from a noteworthy career in engineering and has applied the rigorous thinking and creativity she cultivated in that profession to her work as a yoga teacher - with a high degree of sensitivity and care, she skillfully adapts the ancient teachings and tools of yoga to help others experience their personal pathways for health, healing and transformation in the context of modern life. In addition to continuing her professional Yoga Therapist training under Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute, she is actively engaged in supporting the Aquatics Therapy and Rehab Institute with high caliber material for their members to learn how to bring yoga to the aquatic environment as part of their professional tool set.

Sandi is very interested in making yoga accessible for disadvantaged and disabled populations. She has provided yoga classes for residents of a local safe house for survivors of human trafficking and has worked on establishing a partnership with a local VA hospital to enhance their aquatics program with yoga.

Sandi enjoys studying from different wisdom traditions and finds that elements of the yoga sutras appear in palpable, practical ways in the movement of her life when she is really paying attention. She is fascinated by the idea of using the mind to overcome the mind and feels that the depth of meaning in life's moments are infused and hidden in very simple acts - for her, encountering the sacred and the spiritual is about how you are seeing what is happening within you and around you.

Students who have learned about yoga and mentored under her have enjoyed the high-level of attention she gives to detail and nuance to support their understanding and personal development, as well as the concrete feedback and encouragement she provides them for their next steps. Anyone who has a leaning toward sharpening their understanding of sequencing asana and movement biomechanics, an interest in delving more into the link between pranayama and physiology, and/or a desire to experience integrating chanting and meditation in their personal practice to support mental-emotional health, will find their time with Sandi to be fruitful and enriching.

Sean Beiersdorfer

Sean started his yoga journey in 2015 and it completely changed his life for the better. He hopes to share his knowledge of mixed vinyasa arts with students. He also continues to be a student himself and is constantly expanding his knowledge by studying from teachers locally and globally. Sean is a well respected DYC yoga instructor who has a gift for creating a fun and challenging learning experience.

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