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200 Hr Teacher Training

200 Hr TT grads - Dragon Room

Want to know why so many yoga teachers have chosen the Dallas Yoga Center for their training?

We invite aspiring teachers to join us for an Info Session on Saturday, December 8 to discover what makes DYC’s 200 Hr Teacher Training program. This afternoon event from 2-3pm will include a question and answer session with participating teacher and DYC staff.

Whether you’re planning on becoming a teacher or you simply want to deepen your understanding of yoga as a subtle, sophisticated art form, this training will bring meaning and inspiration back to your practice.

We look forward to giving you a glimpse into how DYC has refined our integrative 200 Hour Teacher Training program over the decades to provide a solid foundation for teaching yoga, as well as a transformative process to deepen not only your understanding yoga, but provide the tools to help highlight and strengthen the unique gifts each person brings when they share their passion for yoga.

200 Hr TT Grads - Spring 2017     200 Hr TT Grad Mandala - Spring 2017

When you truly commit to this amazing process and allow yourself to see, feel and embody this practice and the guidance provided, you will discover more than you ever imagined possible about yourself, about yoga and about your own unique voice and gifts as a teacher. But it takes work, it takes committing to yourself, your fellow trainees and your teachers that allows you to find the jewel of the self within each of us...just waiting to be polished.

And in the midst of this transformative process, you will find a community of like-minded souls and lifelong connections. Start your journey with us this spring!

DYC's 200 Hr Teacher Training Program

Our 200 Hour program for Spring 2019 will take place on weekends beginning February 1st through June 2, 2019.  

Info Sessions are held at the Dallas Yoga Center, located at 4525 Lemmon Avenue, 3rd Floor, Dallas TX 75219.

The next Info Sessions for Teacher Training will be held December 8th, 2-3pm and January 12th, 2-3pm in preparation for the SPRING 2019 session which begins in February. 


TT Info session slider 12-8-18

* Share your Passion!  * Deepen your Practice!    * Learn from the Best!

SPRING 2019 Training Dates:

February 1-3

March 1-3

March 22-24

April 5-7

May 3-5 


May 31-June 2   

TT Finals Weekend: TBD during Spring Session

Session times

Friday:        6 pm - 9 pm
Saturday:   9 am - 5 pm
Sunday:      9 am - 5 pm

A journey that will not only give you the tools to teach, but it will enhance your relationship with life and living more fully!

Learn the Art of Teaching Yoga. The DYC 200 hour in-depth yoga training provides a comprehensive and deep understanding of both hatha and vinyasa yoga teaching as a transformative, healing, meditative, life-changing art form. 

Learn the Art of Vinyasa. DYC trained instructors will teach you the most important fundamentals of a flow based yoga class so that you can create an inspiring, intelligent and engaging vinyasa class.  

Learn the Art of Sequencing. Discuss and analyze each of the pose families. Learn how forward bends, backbends, twists, standing poses, and inversions work so you can teach vinyasa, restorative, and fundamentals-based classes that are safe, exhilarating, challenging and fulfilling for every student level.
Learn the Art of Pranayama and Meditation. Whether teaching a slow mindful based practice or a more exhilarating flow class, learn to incorporate the breath and meditation for energizing the body, relaxing the mind and awakening spirit.  This training specifically addresses pranayama techniques, focusing on the western physiological relationship to the respiratory system.

Learn the Art of Yoga Anatomy. Have fun looking at the beautifully designed architecture of the body and seeing how poses exist on the muscular and skeletal levels. Deconstruct classical yoga poses so you have a deeper understanding of alignment and lines of action principles. 

Learn the Art of Adjustments. Know when and where it is appropriate to give hands-on adjustments so you can confidently and effectively enhance your students' practice.

Learn the Art of Authenticity.  Connect with your authentic self. Dive into the transformative wisdom of yoga through yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics to help you discover and nurture your own true voice as a teacher so you can share your passion and joy for the practice with grace and ease.

~   Get to teach community classes on the studio schedule! 

~   Receive 5 Months of free drop-in yoga classes at DYC! (a $450 value)

~   Discover your teaching voice and express your inner wisdom in a nurturing environment.

~   Learn how to provide a safe space for students to explore the body-mind connection and to develop a continual dialogue between thought and feeling, awareness and action.

~   Learn the Business of Yoga so you can understand insurance, marketing and industry standards for pay.

~   MOST OF ALL - Deepen your practice! Develop confidence! And have a great time!




For More Information or Questions:

Click here to register and for more info

For questions regarding this program click here for email link

Click here for printable PDF with overview and dates



In order to complete the 200 Hr Teacher Training requirements students must complete the following:

• attend 5 classes per month (for a total of 30) with DYC TT teachers (and approved senior DYC teachers) 
• observe 3 classes led by any of the different 200 hr DYC TT teachers or approved DYC Senior Teachers
• complete all 6 modules & homework
• final written exam
• teach a minimum of 3 Community Classes at DYC

Also, students will create and teach a full one hour class.  

200 and 300 rys ya

Upon successful completion of the 6 modules and all the requirements, teacher trainees will receive a letter of certification from DYC and qualify to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hr level. The 200 hr level must be completed to take the 300-hour Advanced Training.



Fridays:       6:00 - 9:00 pm

Saturdays:   9:00 - 5:00 pm

Sundays:     9:00 - 5:00 pm



Apply On or Before After January 1, 2019 - to qualify for EARLY REGISTRATION! 

Your deposit must be submitted by the Early registration deadline in order to qualify early registration pricing. 

Early Registration: $3,000. when you pay in full   (Early Registration Discount of $250 off the full price program - register by January 1!)

4 Month Payment Plans Available. 

Requires a $600. deposit and $625. auto debit per month for 4 months

After January 1, 2019 

$3,250. when you pay in full

4 Month Payment Plans Available. 

Requires a $600. deposit and $687.50 auto debit per month for 4 months.

Make-ups: If you miss a class you can make-up the corresponding day/weekend in the following training and pay $125 to make up a single day. $225 for a weekend module make-up.

Carla assisting Lisa N Triangle 091510DYCavs304 - Copy



5 month unlimited drop-in yoga class membership & required reading materials.


“I can’t say enough good things about my teacher training experience at DYC.  It is the most thorough program from one of if not THE most reputable places.  I actually attended the training to expand my own knowledge and practice, not really with the intention to teach.

I’ve since started teaching and have an even greater appreciation for the training because of the depth and breadth of the foundation it provided.

And there’s just something special about DYC…the space, the teachers, the offerings outside of the yoga classes. It’s an incredible place filled with people who genuinely care.  I feel at home every time I go back and still go back for classes, workshops, etc. (and I don’t live in Dallas!).”  DM


“Teacher Training at DYC was undoubtedly the biggest catalyst for change I have experienced in my life.  The well versed and approachable teachers allowed for a deeper understanding of not only the asana/poses, but the intention with which we practice them. The program allowed for deep self-reflection, and a way for each individual to connect with their unique voice.

In addition, I gained a beautiful community of people who I now consider life-long best friends.  I highly recommend giving yourself this gift of deeper self-awareness with an extraordinary energy found only at The Dallas Yoga Center. “  LM


"Amazing training were I have received exactly what I needed to become a caring and compassionate teacher. We've been nourished, deconstructed, reconstructed for the past several months and I really feel ready to step out into the world and make this dream happen! I'm so inspired, energized and endlessly curious. I'm holding such deep appreciation for all the TT instructors at the DYC. It's been such a transformative and empowering journey.

I found the whole format very suitable for my learning experience. All the weekend intensives were so integral to create a solid foundation. All that information became connected and crystallized as I was attending the classes with our unlimited pass. The requirement of attending a certain number of classes was definitely a huge part of really letting everything sink in through experience. The class observations were so informative and suddenly many light bulbs lit up in my head. Especially, after my observations, as I was attending classes for my own practice my mind was just absorbing so much information and going through a lot of sorting and re-organization.

Thank you all so much for putting together a teacher training that really works. I couldn't point out any shortcomings, as to me it was exactly how it needed to be. I loved the freedom to find our own voice and the tight group where we could experiment with our unique expression, what it really looks like without any judgement. I'm so grateful for all your time and energy put towards the training."




Choosing a yoga teacher training is the beginning of a whole new career and a whole new you! Whether it is your intention to embark on a teacher training adventure in hopes to make teaching yoga your full time job, part-time career, or to deepen your personal practice and learn more about the philosophy of yoga, DYC is here to support you on the journey.

Here are 7 things to know about DYC teacher training before taking the leap.

We Inspire

DYC Teacher Training and the DYC team of teachers hope to resonate with you and inspire you. DYC teachers are experienced, passionate about yoga -on and off the mat- and are here to inspire you to dive deep, stretch your edges and to discover more about yourself and the many layers of yoga.

Thorough and Enriching

DYC Teacher Training takes students from all types of yoga styles and provides an education that explores the depths of yoga as a mind-body-spirit practice. DYC instructors are skilled at providing a foundation for understanding the fundamentals of teaching both asana and Vinyasa. And DYC training covers anatomy, yoga history, teaching methodology and philosophy and highlights alignment principles and how to deconstruct the poses.

Your True Voice

DYC is dedicated to helping you find your passion for sharing the practice in a manner that reflects your true voice. We do not provide a yoga script. DYC teaches students the basics of sequencing and asana so that students have the capacity to create a class for whatever level they choose.

Course Structure

DYC offers students a weekend program taught over five months. We space out the trainings so students can process and absorb the information into their mind and bodies and so that students can dedicate the time to necessary to fully commit to the training.

Student/Teacher Ratio

Usually there are between 15 and 30 students in the training. No matter the size, we make sure students feel seen, heard and supported.


DYC instructors see that it is important for students to feel that they will be able to connect to their fellow trainees and teachers. Lasting connections and friendships are often forged during teacher trainings. We want students to connect and create community, not get lost in a crowd.

Follow up and Support

After the training is complete there is support. DYC provides continuing education, a mentorship program and many ways to stay connected post training. Plus all DYC Teacher Training graduates receive a 15% discount off the regular price of all the workshops, events and classes that DYC offers. Can’t beat that!!


For those accepted into the course, full refund minus a $350 processing fee will be given until two weeks before your first module.  Thereafter there will be no refunds.




To apply please answer the following questions and email to 200hrteachertraining@dallasyogacenter.com

Why do you practice yoga?

What is your background and experience with yoga?  Please include workshops, retreats and trainings. How many years have you been practicing?

Why do you want to take DYC 200 hr advanced training?   What do you hope to receive from it?   What are your expectations and goals?

What styles of yoga do you personally feel most drawn towards and why?

Describe your asana and pranayama practice.  What is your inversion and backbend practice like?

Have you ever studied or practiced meditation?

What is your educational and professional background outside of yoga?

Please describe the most challenging moment you’ve experienced as a yoga student in the past 12 months.  What did you learn from this experience?

Please briefly describe any training you have had in the fields of anatomy or physiology.

Please describe any special medical concerns you have.  Are you currently taking any medications?  Please tell us about any past injuries and /or surgeries.


Space is limited, click here for email to register today.  

For general questions or more information  - call 214.443.9642