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In the quest to foster inner personal development through the approach of a whole-body integrated yoga and holistic wellness framework, DYC is adding to its offerings the ancient science of Tantra.


Tantra is a powerfully transformative meditation based modality which has been practiced in a variety of ways across the globe for thousands of years. DYC deeply respects both the old and the new lineages of Tantric teachings and hopes to provide quality programming that reflects Tantra’s vastness and depth in an authentic way that is relevant to twenty-first century life.


The ultimate goal of Tantra is the embodiment of wisdom and compassion which arises when we are liberated from ignorance and Ego. And though Tantra explicitly uses the body as the path, it is today often misrepresented as titillating erotica or stultifying sexual ritual. According to tantra, because our lives are so inseparably linked with desire we must make use of desire's tremendous energy not just for pleasure, but to transform our lives. Tantra recognizes that the powerful energy aroused by our desire is an indispensable resource for the spiritual path and by cultivating and harnessing the power of desire, tantra provides a path to joy and self-discovery.  


DYC Tantra programming provides a safe space for students to explore the subtle techniques of Tantra that enable the student to cultivate Shakti, clear energetic blockages in the chakras, awaken the power of the breath, and develop intimacy through conscious communication. DYC does not …….


The Art & Science of Yoga – the roots on the path of Tantra

8 Limbs of Yoga

The Koshas


Types of Yoga

The Polarity of Energy


Intro to Tantra


Vedanta :   Physical Reality (energy / nature / body = Shakti) is an obstacle on path to self-realization

Denial and suppression of the physical body, emotions, thoughts

Soul is trapped in matter (body)

Manifested world (nature / physical matter) is something to transcend

The world is an illusion (maya)


Tantra :      Body (Shakti) and spirit (Shiva) are not two but one – both are Divine

Matter (Shakti) IS consciousness - (Sri Aurobindo – “God is here”.)

The path to realize Shiva (consciousness) by means of Shakti (energy / matter)

Human structure is the microcosm of the macrocosm (universe)


Most philosophies and religions say that the body is something to transcend, but Tantra affirms the body itself as a divine experience and manifestation.  This is where sexuality fits with Tantra yoga.  Tantra asks how can we play in this manifested reality (Shakti) to reach Truth or pure consciousness (Shiva).  Transforming energies from the heavier to the more refined (gross to subtle) to achieve higher states of consciousness.



Sacred Sexuality   


Shiva (symbolic of masculine presence / consciousness) and Shakti (feminine energy) unite to awaken the One of spirit through the two of flesh. Human beings embody both masculine and feminine qualities, although in they may be express in different proportions at different periods in life.  Hatha yoga helps to bring the masculine and feminine aspects of a person into harmony. Once a person has achieved mastery at this level, moving consciously from feminine to masculine energy freely and at will becomes an invaluable skill for satisfying relationships with self and others.


Exercises in building trust are shared so that you have the tools to create a safe, sacred space at home to more fully open your heart – to both yourself and your lover.  


Sacred Sexuality - Feminine and Masculine

Spiritual Sexiness - Roles of Shiva and Shakti in Lovemaking

Orgasms, Death and Surrendering the Ego



Letting Go – Death and the Destination of the Soul


Surrendering the Ego : Death and Rebirth

The Role of Ego on the Spiritual Path

Conscious Dying 

The Bardo States

Compassionate Dying – Heart Advice on Helping the Dying


Yoga Nidra – The Yoga of Sleep (deep relation with lucidity)