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“I can’t say enough good things about my teacher training experience at DYC. It is the most thorough program from one of if not THE most reputable places. I actually attended the training to expand my own knowledge and practice, not really with the intention to teach.

I’ve since started teaching and have an even greater appreciation for the training because of the depth and breadth of the foundation it provided.

And there’s just something special about DYC…the space, the teachers, the offerings outside of the yoga classes. It’s an incredible place filled with people who genuinely care. I feel at home every time I go back and still go back for classes, workshops, etc. (and I don’t live in Dallas!).” DM


“Teacher Training at DYC was undoubtedly the biggest catalyst for change I have experienced in my life. The well versed and approachable teachers allowed for a deeper understanding of not only the asana/poses, but the intention with which we practice them. The program allowed for deep self-reflection, and a way for each individual to connect with their unique voice.

In addition, I gained a beautiful community of people who I now consider life-long best friends. I highly recommend giving yourself this gift of deeper self-awareness with an extraordinary energy found only at The Dallas Yoga Center. “ LM


"Amazing training were I have received exactly what I needed to become a caring and compassionate teacher. We've been nourished, deconstructed, reconstructed for the past several months and I really feel ready to step out into the world and make this dream happen! I'm so inspired, energized and endlessly curious. I'm holding such deep appreciation for all the TT instructors at the DYC. It's been such a transformative and empowering journey.

I found the whole format very suitable for my learning experience. All the weekend intensives were so integral to create a solid foundation. All that information became connected and crystallized as I was attending the classes with our unlimited pass. The requirement of attending a certain number of classes was definitely a huge part of really letting everything sink in through experience. The class observations were so informative and suddenly many light bulbs lit up in my head. Especially, after my observations, as I was attending classes for my own practice my mind was just absorbing so much information and going through a lot of sorting and re-organization.

Thank you all so much for putting together a teacher training that really works. I couldn't point out any shortcomings, as to me it was exactly how it needed to be. I loved the freedom to find our own voice and the tight group where we could experiment with our unique expression, what it really looks like without any judgement. I'm so grateful for all your time and energy put towards the training."