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"I’ve been a lawyer for 22 years, 20 of which were spent practicing law in Dallas. I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk and have searched for years for some kind of exercise that fits both my work schedule and my life schedule. Yoga at the DYC works great for me. With classes that focus on strength, flexibility, even relaxation, there is something for every type of yoga practitioner at the DYC. The DYC does yoga right. Whether you’ve practiced for 30 years or have never set foot in a yoga studio, the instructors at Dallas Yoga Center can help you do yoga right. With a deep understanding of the various yoga asanas, you can rest assured that the DYC instructors will teach you something every time you practice with them."
~ Angel Reyes III




"I discovered the Dallas Yoga Center many years ago like most people do. I went to take a weekend course with a visiting teacher and disciple of Vanda Scaravelli, author of “Awakening the Spine.” That was twenty five years ago, and the center continues to delight me with its tradition of daily yoga classes taught by big-hearted, well-trained yogis and hosting special instructors.


Next time DYC offers a Day of Wellness when you can sample their classes and wellness services, I’d recommend you sign up. I did last year and found offerings I hadn’t tried or even knew they provided, e.g. Ayurvedic medicine with treatments in acupuncture, food as medicine, and dosha consultations which have helped me in having the best health possible.


The place is an oasis – a space of sounds and colors which are so nurturing and calming and full of books on Eastern topics and cool clothes." ~ Meg Fitzpatrick




"We have been going to the Dallas Yoga Center regularly since we moved to Dallas over eight years ago. From the beginning, both the place and the people there have been an important part of our lives, in large part because the DYC truly embodies the philosophy of yoga. Students are certainly challenged to the extent they wish to be, but it is the quality of their journey, and not their ability level, that is of foremost importance to the very talented group of superb teachers. That journey continues to evolve in such positive ways for all of us who are regulars at this very special place." 
~ Anne van Kleeck

"As a bicyclist, skier and daily distance walker, going to the DYC has allowed me to balance my activities and gain the physical awareness and mental centering that Yoga provides. Our yoga practice has allowed my wife and I to enrich and strengthen our relationship - we find this a mutually satisfying activity. Finally being a member of the DYC community allows us to enjoy a community of interesting and like-minded individuals."~ Jim Smeeding




"I always knew I wanted to practice yoga, and when I first arrived at the Dallas Yoga Center (DYC) over seven years ago, I knew I had found my yoga home. DYC brings a number of traditional yoga practices to you that have century old roots. DYC offers a holistic yoga practice with the best teachers in DFW complimented by a wellness center and Ayurvedic living influences. I look forward to my regular visits to DYC where I'm surrounded by positive people, health, and pure good feeling." ~ Alexia Isaak




"When turning the big 6-0, I decided to tackle something new each year that I had not tried before. Well, 2008 became my “Year of Yoga’, and I am still enamored. My first teacher Shelagh was/is incredible with a terrific sense of humor, which was a refreshing surprise, and David Sunshine has created The Dallas Yoga Center to look and feel just like a yoga center should(not that I have ever been in another one). The center is a welcoming haven, and I don’t even feel bad (well, not too bad) that I cannot come close to wearing those “teensy” yoga fashions. But I do feel good that I have bonded with Mr. Iyengar, a friend I didn’t even know several years ago." ~ Molly Bogen




"For over 30 years I had an on and off yoga practice of various types and various places. Upon reaching the serious age of 60, and evaluating life going forward, in particular the stress aspects of business ownership, I concluded my long term mental and physical well being needs to be a priority. I then committed to increase the quantity and quality of my practice, found with teachers and programs of the Dallas Yoga Center. The physical benefits of the classes, as well as the opportunity to spend several 1 ½ hour periods doing yoga and not having my mind be bothered with the stress and issues of my active life has become essential to my inner peace and rejuvenation." ~ Frank Finan




"For me, a seed of passion for yoga and meditation was planted in the 1970’s when I had the good fortune to study under Swami Satchidananda. Meditation became a central focus of my life but I took a break from yoga to rehabilitate from an accident, raise my family and pursue a career. Apparently that seed continued to germinate until 10 years ago when I unfurled a shiny new mat at a local studio. I quickly learned that, in Dallas, serious practitioners of this 5,000-year old discipline must nurture their passion and fine-tune their bodies under the expert and skilled tutelage of Dallas Yoga Center instructors and wellness practitioners. In DYC’s peaceful setting, I feel open to stretch my body and mind in ways I never thought possible. I will always be immensely grateful to David Sunshine and his dedicated team." ~ Sherry Jaco


"My life has changed in many wonderful and positive ways since I took that first apprehensive step into the lobby of the Dallas Yoga Center, nine years ago. Seeking solace and relief from the burdensome stresses of my financial markets profession, I gradually came to understand that I was on a road of discovery to a healthier and richer life. To date, many enduring friendships and affiliations have come about as a direct result of my active membership at Dallas Yoga Center. It has become a comfortable and nurturing home away from home that I treasure dearly. Thanks to DYC with its expert teachers and caring staff, I now find myself healthier, stronger, more flexible and......most importantly...happier!" ~ Tom Jaco




"I started at DYC a little over 3 years ago hoping to try a new type of physical fitness. I not only found a great physical work out for my body, but also a mental release and a practice I will keep for the rest of my life!" ~ Travis Warner