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200 hr Teacher Training




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FALL 2017  Training Dates:

August 18 – 20,  September 8 – 10,  October 6 - 7, 

November 3 – 5,  November 17 – 19,  December 1 – 3

Teacher Training Finals Weekend :  December 15-17



The 200 hour in-depth yoga training offers a unique opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of teaching yoga. It provides a comprehensive and deep understanding of yoga teaching as a transformative practice. Students are encouraged to discover their own voice as a teacher so they can confidently and clearly share their passion and joy for the practice.


A journey that will not only give you the tools to teach, but it will change your life.


Learn Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy, Sequencing, The Business of Yoga plus...
  • Discover your teaching voice and express your inner wisdom in a nurturing environment.

  • Learn how to deconstruct classical yoga poses so you have a deeper understanding of alignment, sequencing, and lines of action principles.

  • Learn how to safely sequence and teach Vinyasa Yoga

  • Directly experience and apply yoga philosophy.

  • Learn how to provide a safe space for students to explore the body-mind connection and to develop a continual dialogue between thought and feeling, awareness and action.

  • Deepen your practice! Develop confidence! And have a great time!



The advanced training is thorough, engaging and inspiring and will enhance your life as a teacher, as a yogi and as a person. Also it provides the opportunity to study with highly trained teachers in an array of areas including asana, pranayama, yoga psychology, yoga anatomy and more.


Participants can expect to come away with a more acutely honed ability to understand the poses and the bodies movement patterns as well as greater precision and confidence in verbalizing what you see. Also you will learn yoga anatomy, adjustments and hands on techniques to help enhance and elicit healthier patterns for students.




Upon successful completion of the 5 modules and all the requirements, teacher trainees will receive a letter of certification from DYC and qualify to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hr level. The 200 hr level must be completed to take the 300 hour Advanced Training.



Fridays:       6:00 - 9:00 pm

Saturdays:   9:00 - 5:00 pm

Sundays:     9:00 - 5:00 pm




On or Before July 18, 2017

Early Bird Discount: $3000 when you pay in full

4 Month Payment Plans Available.
Requires a $600 deposit and $625.00 auto debit per month for 4 months

After July 18, 2017

$3250 when you pay in full

4 Month Payment Plans Available.
Requires a $600 deposit and $687.50 auto debit per month for 4 months.

Make-ups: If you miss a class you can make-up the corresponding day/weekend in the following training and pay $125 to make up a single day. $225 for a weekend module make-up.




5 month unlimited drop-in yoga class membership & required reading materials.


What past Teacher Trainees say:


"Amazing training were I have received exactly what I needed to become a caring and compassionate teacher. We've been nourished, deconstructed, reconstructed for the past 7 months and I really feel ready to step out into the world and make this dream happen! I'm so inspired, energized and endlessly curious. I'm holding such deep appreciation for all the TT instructors at the DYC. It's been such a transformative and empowering journey.


I found the whole format very suitable for my learning experience. All the weekend intensives were so integral to create a solid foundation. All that information became connected and crystallized as I was attending the classes with our unlimited pass. The requirement of attending a certain number of classes was definitely a huge part of really letting everything sink in through experience. The class observations were so informative and suddenly many light bulbs lit up in my head. Especially, after my observations, as I was attending classes for my own practice my mind was just absorbing so much information and going through a lot of sorting and re-organization.


Thank you all so much for putting together a teacher training that really works. I couldn't point out any shortcomings, as to me it was exactly how it needed to be. I loved the freedom to find our own voice and the tight group where we could experiment with our unique expression, what it really looks like without any judgement. I'm so grateful for all your time and energy put towards the training."




For those accepted into the course, full refund minus a $350 processing fee will be given until two weeks before your first module.  After first module there will be no refunds.




To apply please answer the following questions and email to 200hrteachertraining@dallasyogacenter.com

  1. Why do you practice yoga?

  2. What is your background and experience with yoga?  Please include workshops, retreats and trainings. How many years have you been practicing?

  3. Why do you want to take DYC 200 hr advanced training?   What do you hope to receive from it?   What are your expectations and goals?

  4. What styles of yoga do you personally feel most drawn towards and why?

  5. Describe your asana and pranayama practice.  What is your inversion and backbend practice like?

  6. Have you ever studied or practiced meditation?

  7. What is your educational and professional background outside of yoga?

  8. Please describe the most challenging moment you’ve experienced as a yoga student in the past 12 months.  What did you learn from this experience?

  9. Please briefly describe any training you have had in the fields of anatomy or physiology.

  10. Please describe any special medical concerns you have.  Are you currently taking any medications?  Please tell us about any past injuries and /or surgeries.



Space is limited, click here for email to register today

For general questions or more information  - call 214.443.9642