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Let us reaffirm that the Dallas Yoga Center honors and cherishes women and all people, regardless of background or gender. Since 1989, DYC has provided a welcoming, safe, and healing environment to the community through yoga, meditation and wellness.

On Thursday night, Dallas Yoga Center learned about a Facebook post that was published by a contracted yoga instructor. We were extremely shocked, highly upset, and offended to read the contents of the post. 

After reading the post, we immediately took the legal steps to terminate Dallas Yoga Center’s relationship with the author. In addition, within hours, we reassigned all of his future classes. At this time, the author’s contract has been terminated, and he is no longer a yoga instructor at DYC or associated with DYC in any capacity.

Dallas Yoga Center deeply respects the amazing strengths of women and seeks to provide a space where women can flourish, grow, and find personal empowerment. It goes without saying that we celebrate the incredible contributions and impact that women have made on the world we live in through their actions and sacrifices.

DYC demonstrates our support for women through our ongoing programming including monthly women’s gatherings, women’s yoga classes and frequent women’s workshops. Currently we are organizing an open community forum to provide a safe space for dialogue on this situation, details of which will be shared soon on our Facebook page and website.

It is the Dallas Yoga Center’s hope that together we can rise above the negativity and engage with each other in a more mindful way that reflects the light, love and beauty that is the essence of yoga.


Dallas Yoga Center

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