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Mysore Ashtanga Program

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MYSORE PROGRAM - Traditional Six Day Practice 


Monday               5:30-7:30 am      Mysore Program - Mysore

Tuesday              5:30-7:30 am     Mysore Program - Mysore

Wednesday        5:30-7:30 am     Mysore Program – Mysore

Thursday            5:30-7:30 am     Mysore Program – Mysore

Friday                   6:00-7:30 am     Mysore Program – Led Primary Series

Saturday              Rest day              No class

Sunday                7:30-10:00 am    Mysore Program – Mysore



Please see note below for more details
Students wishing to attend the Mysore Morning classes may do so using their regular DYC membership (the most cost effective way for committed students), with a 10 class pass or using a single drop-in class.
*Beginners to Mysore will need to attend in the first hour of each scheduled Mysore session so that the class proceeds smoothly.  Adjustments for other participants will occur in the latter part of the class. Your fellow yogis, your teacher and all of us at DYC appreciate your co-operation.

There are also Intro to Mysore workshops offered every other month on the weekend which provide an even fuller foundation for beginning a Mysore Ashtanga practice including Theory, Foundations, Practice and Cheat Sheets to take home.  We highly recommend attending one of these workshops!
**Also please note that the Friday morning Led Primary series is for experienced Ashtanga practitioners only. The postures and breath count are called in sanskrit, and this is a face paced class. There are two additional Led Primary classes offered on Sunday at 10:30am and Tuesday at 6:00pm which are open to all levels.  

Rest days w/ no class on Moon Days – see link below for 2017 dates.


Mysore - Updated Pricing, Days, Times, Details (Click here for printable PDF)

Mysore - About the Practice (Click here for printable PDF)

Mysore - Etiquette (Click here for printable PDF)

Moon Days - 2018 (Click here for printable PDF)

Ladies Holidays (Click here for printable PDF)

Mysore Ashtanga

Taught by Dean Hollingsworth, KPJAYI Authorized teacher                                                                                                                                                                                                    
The Ashtanga Yoga method is built around the ‘Mysore Style’ class, so named because yoga was taught this way in Mysore, India, and continues to be taught this way in traditional Ashtanga Yoga schools around the world. In Mysore Class, the student is taught a sequence of postures through one-on-one instruction. The correct movements, breathing, and other aspects of the practice are learned gradually, in a step-by-step process accessible to anyone. This method allows each student time to practice and memorize what they have learned before adding more. Students are able to practice independently and at their own pace while surrounded by the energy and inspiration of other students in the room. The main teacher and assistants are able to work with each student individually. Initially, students may require more attention, but as they become proficient in their practice, they are allowed more independence, receiving adjustments and assistance only when required.

Observing a Mysore Class

When starting an Ashtanga Yoga practice, it is recommended that one commence in a Mysore Class from the very beginning. The best way to answer any questions about the Mysore practice and how it works is to come and observe a class for half an hour or so. Most questions are answered by observing the class, and then anything unanswered can be discussed with the teacher. All our teachers have learned Ashtanga Yoga using this method and we have great faith in the results gained from its proper practice.

Your First Mysore Practice

In your first class you will learn the basic techniques for breathing and movement – what we often call ‘vinyāsa’ – and guided through the opening and closing sequences of the Ashtanga Yoga practice. Your first practice may only be 15 to 20 minutes long. It is important not to learn too much in the beginning as this method relies on memorization and becoming proficient in what has been taught before progressing further. This approach also allows you time to adjust to a new daily routine. In subsequent classes, new postures will be added to what was learned. Thus, over time, the length of your practice will gradually increase according to your ability.

Why Begin with Such a Short Practice?

In order to establish a stable foundation in both the body and the mind, the Ashtanga sequence should be learned gradually and increased slowly over time while paying close attention to breathing, posture, movement, and gazing. Learning gradually allows time to adjust as you develop more strength, flexibility, and familiarity with the practice. Doing too much too quickly brings the risk of injury and imbalance to the body, and in general is not sustainable as a daily practice. For that reason, students are taught little-by-little and at a rate appropriate for each person individually.

How Many Days a Week Should You Practice?

Ideally, practicing five to six days per week is recommended, even at the beginning, taking only one or two days off per week to allow the body to rest (traditionally, women rest for 3 days during menstruation). If possible, your practice should be at the same time every day. You will appreciate the routine and respond better to the practice. Although you may find that you are a little sore in the beginning, the regularity of a daily practice removes the soreness in the muscles and invigorates the body each day. If a daily commitment to the practice is not possible, many benefits can still be found.
Please come to practice as you are able.



* It’s recommended to bring your own yoga mat, however, we have studio mats you can borrow until you purchase your own.

* Leave shoes only in the hallway. 

* Bring bags, jackets and all other belongings into the Mysore room and store in cubbies.

* Silence cell phones.


* Shower before Mysore class.

* Do not eat before. Practice is better on an empty stomach.

* Do not wear any essential oils, perfumes or other fragrances.

* Keep your yoga clothes, rug and mat clean on a regular basis.

* Bring clean hand towel each day.

* Stick to the traditional Ashtanga sequence as is currently being taught in Mysore, India in the tradition of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois.  

* Refrain from adding postures or sequences unless instructed by teacher.

* Maintain silence in class as this is a meditative practice.

* No water during practice but plenty afterwards.


* If you are new you will be given an Ashtanga cheat sheet to for your review before or after but not during class.


* There will be no practice on Saturday’s and on New and Full Moon days.  Take these opportunities for rest and a weekly oil bath.

Ashtanga classes on the regular DYC schedule:

About Ashtanga Short Forms Class

When time is short, an abbreviated yoga routine is always better than no yoga at all. Enjoy the benefits of Ashtanga yoga with this Ashtanga Short Form created by yoga pioneer David Swenson, author of the Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual.David created a set of abbreviated routines which he calls ‘Short Forms’. These shorter sessions are a great way to become familiar with the essence of the practice when time is limited. Sun Salutations prepare the body for a series of standing, seated and lying down Asanas (poses). This practice produces intense internal heat and sweat to detoxify the entire body. This simple ‘short-form’ practice is ideal to keep the Ashtanga Yoga routine going throughout the week.

Ashtanga Short Form - drop-in on Tuesday at 12:00 pm & Thursday at 12:00pm


Ashtanga Led Primary - drop-in on Sunday at 10:30am 

About the Ashtanga Basics Class

The Ashtanga Basics class introduces students to roughly half of the Primary Series postures. Focusing on the form and integrity in asana, breath, and posture transitions. This class offers both a comfortable introduction for students new to the practice, as well as an opportunity for regular Ashtanga students to focus on details.

Ashtanga Basics - drop-in on Thursday at 7:30pm

About the Ashtanga Basics Class

The Ashtanga Basics class introduces students to roughly half of the Primary Series postures. Focusing on the form and integrity in asana, breath, and posture transitions. This class offers both a comfortable introduction for students new to the practice, as well as an opportunity for regular Ashtanga students to focus on details.

Ashtanga Basics - drop-in on Thursday at 7:30pm