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Linda Sprague is certified in Trauma Resolution and Recovery and The Myers Briggs Typology Index and has directed the trauma recovery program at Re-Creating Your Future: A School for Life Skills. She has studied and taught metaphysical subjects for 30 years. Her twenty-year private practice in Dallas includes CPR FOR THE SOUL and GATEWAYS TO SYNCHRONICITY (western astrology and tarot reading for self-understanding).
Schedule an appointment to learn more at www.lindasprague.com

Linda instructs the following:
  • Women's Moon Gathering Oct 2018
  • $20
    Facilitated by Linda Sprague and Danae Richards
    Scientific research on human DNA is beginning to suggest that the memories of our ancestors are imprinted in our DNA. Memories may actually shape our genetic material. Both trauma and talent could be passed on in our DNA. Perhaps that is why we our fascinated by our family heritage and want to see our family tree. Who is back there? And what did they experience? What memories have your ancestors given you?
    The end of October is the Gaelic festival period called Samhain. It marks the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. The ancient lore of Samhain says that the boundaries between our known world and the OTHER, unknown world, is thin during Samhain. We can journey to the other side and visit our ancestors to give thanks for our gifts and talents and to lovingly heal the wounds of our family tree. Join with other women to share your stories of your ancestors. Also we will experience sound meditation with Denae Richards, Holistic Sound Practitioner, to connect with our favorite ancestors.

    What to expect at this full moon gathering:
    - Chanting
    - Astrological information
    - Oracle cards for personal insight & reflection
    - Sharing with other women.
    - Sound Meditation for Wholeness