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Women's Moon Gathering - Sept

This class is taught by:
$20 Limited space available

“Now is the season to know that everything we do is sacred.”   Hafiz

Sometimes we forget to stop and celebrate the sweetness and sacredness of life. Dealing with life’s problems can be overwhelming. The past few months have been intense and stressful. It is understandable that we spend more time worrying about our issues and inadequacies than we do about our goodness and our accomplishments. We spend energy on the question, “what’s wrong with me…why can’t I get it right?” But, how do we get in touch with our unique sweetness? Is it ok to admit we are good? Can we acknowledge our successes? How can we support each other in embracing the beauty and sweetness of our feminine souls?

Join us for a sacred celebration of our personal harvest as we prepare for the Fall Equinox. We will honor apples and honeybees! Apples are an ancient symbol of femininity and without honeybees there would be no apples! Who doesn’t love honey? Let’s be joyful and grateful for all we have. Sound meditation with Denae Richards will uplift our spirits while we experience heartfelt appreciation and empowerment for being who we are. Let’s move into the next season with confidence that we are sweet and good at our core.

What to expect at this full moon gathering:

* Chanting
* Astrological information about the Harvest Moon
* Oracle cards for personal insight and reflection
* Sharing with other women
* Sound Meditation for Empowerment


Linda Sprague - Founder and creator of the SoulCPR process, Linda has dedicated her life for the past three decades to helping people unravel their personal traumas and challenges in order to find their truest self. Linda holds a Masters Degree in Folklore Studies from Indiana University, is certified in Trauma Resolution Therapy, Relief and Recovery and The Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator. Linda is also a practitioner of astrology and metaphysical studies. A public speaker, consultant and SoulCPR Master Guide, Linda works with a wide range of individuals and audiences to help people all over the world find empowerment.

Please visit www.lindasprague.com.


Denae Richards ~ Searching for a change after a corporate career, Denae listened to her own internal guidance and search deeper self-connection. As she tried various awareness modalities, she realized the importance of the daily practice of meditation, the healing power of sound on every level of the body: emotional, spiritual & physical. She is always honored to share the amazing experience that sound can create!