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Everyday Mindfulness

This class is taught by:

Daniel Sunshine

Daniel Sunshine has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for over two decades. He practices mindfulness to reduce stress and live a life in alignment with his heart.
Daniel is trained in Zen, Shambhala and Vipassana meditation. He founded and is a coach for LILOHA coaching…guidance for life (LI), love (LO), and happiness (HA). LILOHA Coaching integrates a unique blend of eastern and western modalities to bring deep healing and transformation to individuals, couples and groups so they can live a happy and fulfilling life. Daniel is also a certified master SoulCPR guide, energy & chakra healer and has an MBA from the George Washington University.
Everyday mindfulness explores a range of techniques to create a more present de-stressed life. Each class interweaves tools including meditation, mindful movement, conscious connection and sensory awareness. Students will be able to let go of the stresses of the day and grow in their connection with the present moment.